Lighting Seminars

Postedon Dec 16, 2014

Do you work in a corporate video department?  Are you a web developer suddenly being asked to shoot interviews and testimonials?  Are you a still photographer wanting to add video into your bag of tricks.  Maybe you are a producer and have no idea why it is taking your DP so darned long to set up the shot.   Maybe you teach production classes at a college and need an outside source to teach lighting and shooting. Doug Lee Pictures can help.  Here is the premise from which I will conduct a lighting and shooting seminar for you, your...

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Costa Rica and Cambodia.

Postedon Nov 17, 2013

This trip to Costa Rica is the second leg in a documentary project.   Full details can’t be explained now until the broadcast is launched.  We are shooting with a Canon c100 and Canon 7d.   The project began with a two week shoot in Cambodia.   Although the shoots are physically and emotionally grueling, they are some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. I can’t say it with every shoot but our efforts will positively impact the lives of children in the most despairing of situations.  That is work I dream about...

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The Revolution

Postedon Nov 7, 2012

As image creators, we live in some seriously crazy times.  We are experiencing a technological revolution in video production not seen since video cameras started replacing film cameras for news gathering.  I guess you could say that’s where it all began.  Digital cinema replacing motion picture film in this decade was also a huge shift in production, but the thing that amazes me most is the rate of change in camera technology happening right now.  If you don’t like what is being offered, wait five months.  This is no...

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Breathe, Alexa M, South College

Postedon Nov 5, 2012

It’s time to come up for air.  Doug Lee Pictures has been shooting and directing non-stop since June.  Seems like a long time ago.  Very cool projects include two trips to Knoxville, TN for South College and Craft Associates shooting with the wonderful Arri Alexa.  The video ad campaign for South College showcases real grads now working in Knoxville loving their jobs and making an impact.  Shooting just wrapped last week on new ads shot in South Dakota for Delta Schools using the Arri M and UltraPrime lenses.  This Arri M is one...

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The Craft

Postedon Apr 11, 2012

“Today’s fast lenses, fast films, and sensitive video equipment mean that merely recording an image is not the real challenge.  Separating planes, implying depth, revealing the character and subtleties of the subject, and establishing a meaningful mood are at the heart of our miraculous craft.”  Ross Lowell, Matters of Light and Depth. This quote, written in 1992, is maybe more true now than ever.  This is because access to high-end image capture is within the reach of anyone, not just seasoned and established...

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Penn State

Postedon Jan 13, 2012

Travelling to Penn State to work with the director of The Pact, Matt Toronto.  Matt and the theater department are producing a web sitcom called “304”.  Matt asked me to design a camera and lighting package to shoot the on-going sitcom. I will be showing the students how to use all the equipment and we will be shooting the first episode.

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Merry Christmas from our “crew”

Postedon Dec 24, 2011

                                Merry Christmas from Doug, Jan, Madison, Makia and Josh.  Every day is a gift, but our greatest gift is Jesus.  Sometimes we forget this in the mad rush of the season.  But He is the reason we celebrate.  Wishing you a safe...

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Postedon Dec 14, 2011

Sorry for the mess. Careful of the dust and scrap wood. This site is under construction. We’ll get it up to speed soon. Thanks and visit again!

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